Meet the Crowd: Daitona

What is Daitona?

First and foremost, Daitona is an idea. It was conceived by five young professionals who came
together to share their skills and abilities. We wanted to create a brand-new company which could
rethink creativity in combination with quick production processes. The five Daitonas are Jacopo
Sartori, Lorenzo Giovenga, Valentina Signorelli, Chiara Serangeli and Lorenzo Lazzarini.

The production of the historical short-film “Gemma di Maggio”, starring actor Franco Nero, was a key
moment for us. That was the first time we all worked together. That project was highly acclaimed by
both audience and critics and so we decided to set up the company. Daitona was founded in 2016 in
Rome. A few months later, in October, we opened our main office in Milan and decided to get
involved in the advertising sector.


What is your production and creative process?

Our creative process always starts from the question: “Why”?

Many “Whys” underlie our stories and our production process: we aim to understand why we want to
say something and what methods we want to use. Our production process always starts from
concrete needs: we try to tailor the right production choices to each project to deliver quality videos
while still controlling budget.

To achieve this, we carefully study how to develop the best language for the entire production
process, including writing and directing. We have a background in film and this is why we care so
much about good stories and performances. We like to create memorable contrasts and add a pinch
of irony. We prioritise simplicity and authentic emotions over rhetoric and technicalities.

Stories and people are at the core of our videos. We feed our creativity with the “human” ingredient.
We believe that techniques and technologies should work in the service of the story and that each
story should then recall a specific visual approach.


How does technology influence your work?

Technology heavily influences our video-making. We might even say that technology allows certain
languages to actually exist. Just think about how expensive and elitist working in this industry was
before digital arrived. Digital technologies and the internet allow potentially anyone to express what is
in their mind.

But of course technology should follow ideas and not be employed for its own sake. Otherwise we
might end up in a dystopian reality…and we are not referring exclusively to Terminator’s AI takeover!


Why Userfarm?

For us, Userfarm stands for #creativefreedom. We decided to collaborate with Userfarm to experiment
with its production platform which we believe to be very open to creativity. The first video we produced
with Userfarm is “Il primo annuncio non si scorda mai…” for And it was selected!


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