Final Results for “Saikebon Movie Night!”

We are pleased to announce the five selected videos for our recent project for Saikebon, called “Saikebon Movie Night!”

We asked our crowd to show how easy it is to have an at home movie night with Saikebon noodles and the Chili streaming service. Additionally, a combination of the two can enter you in a contest to win a trip to Los Angeles!

The five selected videos are:

1) Saikefilm con Chili – Marcoderosso

2) Il cinema di Saikebon – mikyonepunch

3) Saike voglia di cinema! – JacopoSartori

4) Cambia Genere – rukagojira

5) Stacca la Spina! – S3ango


A big thank you to our crowd for a huge amount of creativity and diversity in these videos. From zombies to cowboys, we saw some fantastic content that was greatly appreciated it!

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