Filmmaker Of The Month: Andrea Bancone

How did your passion for filmmaking start?

When I was 12 years old, after seeing the film adaption of “The lord of Rings” I started to become interested in the filmmaking process. I watched several behind-the- scenes documentaries of movies. My passion and my desires to experience grew, so my father bought me a mini-dv camcorder with which I started to shoot short videos and short films with friends and relatives.

In the meantime I have continued working with photography which helps my directing now, both in choosing the right frame and in using the light to my advantage for any story I want to tell. While “learning by making” I have learned a lot about what lies behind the creative and production processes, since often I have to handle different aspects of video making.


How do your projects come to life?

Usually I start from an idea, a picture, a piece of music, a sound, a simple suggestion or experience and I try to imagine how it could be developed. Meanwhile I think about the availability of time, resources and people in order to realise the concept. Often the limitations themselves stimulate the process even more. In fact problem-solving is part of the job.


How did you find out about Userfarm?

New technology provides multi-faceted help, including new ways to communicate and share, such as Facebook. In fact, it was through an advert suggested to me by Facebook that I joined Userfarm! It was a Call for Video for Lufthansa which led me to go to the website and enroll.  A few days after reading the brief, I had a clear and simple idea of what I wanted to do, so I contacted the people who I needed and shot the video in two days.


How was your first experience with us?

I was very happy with the result, even though I was not selected and I immediately received an email from the Userfarm Team saying how much they appreciated my work. That started off a series of projects that culminated in the video contest “Do You Vespa?” for which I was selected as first video.


Can you tell us more about the video?

The idea was developed and co-written with my friend Laura Sellari, who was also the actress. And from start to final cut we had the constant support of Giuseppe Menna from the Userfarm Team in London, who gave much good advice and suggested improvements during the shooting and editing. It was a great team experience. I have also joined more Userfarm contests, such as one for the Italian chocolate Baci Perugina where the tenacious Alice Cervia proposed a script which became a selected video.


Did Userfarm help boosting your carreer?

Thanks to these successes I’ve received many new jobs outside Userfarm which have enabled me to grow professionally. Recently I won a grant funded by the “Region Lazio/Torno Subito” to attend a documentary workshop at the New York Film Academy so there should be more great news for the future. Fingers crossed…

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