Nespresso Talents short video nominated for Brand Film Festival Awards

Nespresso Talents is the pioneering global VERTICAL video contest, which is transforming the vertical video format into an accepted art form.

Already the top videos from Nespresso Talents are showcased during top film festivals like Cannes, Tribeca and Morelia. They have also received recognition elsewhere, earning a Gold medal in the French Digital video awards and a finalist nomination for the Drum Content Awards.

Userfarm is now very proud to see the video “Bicho” as a finalist for “Best Foreign Film”, at the Brand Film Festival 2018.

Well done to its creator, Mariana Azcárate, for this latest accolade.

“Bicho”, (“bug” in Spanish) is a short vertical film about passion, and the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson, that makes us meditate about the importance of believing in ourselves. It reminds us not to let go of our dreams, and celebrates the fact that we have the power to make a change in our lives.

Bicho was originally created for the Nespresso Talents 2017, and was selected as overall top video by the Internatonal Jury.


If you are curious about brand storytelling, don’t miss Nespresso Talents 2018, a Film Festival that celebrates diversity, pushes boundaries and empowers creativity from a 9:16 point of view.

And read more about Mariana Azcárate in her new “Filmmaker of the Month” profile here.



By: Sara de Felicis

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