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Istituto Secoli 'Know how to Dream, Know how to Create'


Launched by Istituto Secoli

Developed by Userfarm S.p.A.

Type of content: Video

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Open Call for Video: Able to dream, able to make

Cliente: Istituto Secoli

Pay off: Istituto Secoli. Able to make Fashion.



Communicate the distinguishing value of Istituto Secoli, that differentiates itself from the other fashion universities thanks to its practical teaching approach.

Thanks to this practical approach, those studying at the Istituto Secoli acquires the ability to make their dreams come true and put into practice what they learnt.

Call to Action

Able to dream and able to make!

Have you ever wondered about the main ingredient needed to transform a wish into reality? Of course you have to believe in it, but you should also be able to put it into practice. It should be, literally, made!

Create a short but memorable video whose story is about being able to make something and being able to make ones dream come true.

When we say make something we are referring to something practical, handmade, that becomes valuable for the maker, for your ideas and for the people you love. Referring to the world of Fashion is not mandatory, you can take as example every context where creativity meets substance and becomes something practical…. (fashion is, of course, preferable amongst the other topics).

As a reference, you can talk about a traditional know-how handed down through the generations or a self taught experience. You can include the importance of having a mentor or an incredible experience you have had.

We are not solely looking for a video-spot or a mini-documentary, what we prefer is a storytelling product, a hybrid among these options.

The video should communicate enthusiasm, self-esteem, willingness to invest into the experiences that teach one how to make things and that allow to build one’s future, like it happens with Istituto Secoli.

For example you could tell the story of a child that is fascinated about the icicles in his mother’s freezer.. and then you find this child grown up many years later, working as a specialized designer for the construction of igloo bars, after having learnt specific construction techniques in some Nordic countries… 

Or you could tell the story of a girl that has been amazed for years from the ancient jewelry her grandmother is preserving in her old downtown house. The girl imagines the jewels integrated with some dream dresses and some years after an important actress wears the dress at the release of a movie - the girl’s dreams have come true!  

Tone of voice  

Inovative, dynamic, light, inspiring. It has to elicit the desire to make/create. 

Since 1934 the Istituto Secoli is an Italian excellence in the formation of new talents for the Fashion Industry. This is one of the results we achieve every day through the delivery of a unique practical method, able to transform a simple idea into a piece of high fashion. The Istituto Secoli is made of professionals, teachers but, above all, people tied together by a unique objective: make the dream of those in love with fashion, design and beautiful dresses come true. 


All languages allowed - English subtitles in case the language of the video is not English or Italian.



It is fundamental that in your videos there are no explicit reference to brands or products different from Istituto Secoli. In case of presence, these should be properly blurred by the directors, otherwise the contents would be removed. At the same time, we require the music to be original or taken from the music library offered by Userfarm.  


1: 5.000 Euro

2: 2.000 Euro

3: 1.000 Euro 


Video Duration: max 60 seconds, 30 would be perfect.


Ideal Format16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, file .mp4 o .mov, codec video h264 (we recommend not to use the Apple ProRes codec)

Maximum file size: 2GB 



Start: 6/11/15

Deadline: 21/12/15

Voting: 22-12-15 until 7-1-16