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A present for a special woman. Thanks mum!


Launched by Brosway

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

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Open Call for videos: A present for a special woman. Thanks mum!
Client: Brosway
Product: mother’s day celebration


Brosway is a company leader in the market of Italian fashion jewels. All the Brosway jewels are fashion creations which show quality, innovation and design. Bros Manifatture was created towards the end of the 1970s and started off as a craft manufacturing company of high-end watch wristbands. Soon the company began making headlines for its impeccable quality and attention to details. Its commitment and devotion were soon rewarded: the company became a reference point among connoisseurs around the world.


Mother’s day is one of the most treasured days of the year. We celebrate it both in our private lives and online in social networks, where it is so rewarding to share those unique, powerful emotions we feel towards those amazing women - our mothers.
Brosway wants to take part
to this celebration in a special and original way, to represent the traditional values of the brand itself, but without producing trivial videos or content which is too linked to the product.


The aim is to produce a series of original videos with high viral potential, able to arouse people’s emotions on the day when all mothers of the world are celebrated. The focus should be on those young, active, inquisitive, vital and energetic mothers who are in Brosway’s target market


“A present for a special woman. Thanks mum.”

Participate with a video which communicates the universal value of being a mother in an emotional and distinctive way.

We are looking for that fresh, surprising and energetic human side, typical of young mothers. They are constantly able to confirm their role by representing life, love, joy and happiness, but also representing determination, pain and a challenging attitude.

We often talk about a child’s first goals: the first steps, the first experiments, the first troubles. This time we want to talk about all these little-big steps that a woman makes from the moment she’s born to the moment she becomes a mother and puts all her efforts into bringing up her own children, with a love that is passed from generation to generation.

Every one of us has an opinion and is sensitive his/her own way to this theme, and it is important to take the following into consideration; focus on what is emotional about being a mother and translate it into a video in a fresh, involving and informal way – in accordance with Brosway’s spirit – and represent women’s everyday life in their freedom and personality.

The first steps of a mother are those related to the important emotional connections they have with their children, connections that will last forever. This does not mean we are asking you to concentrate on women’s difficulties, inexperience or insecurity. Rather we want you to show us the meaning of maternity by showing the birth of a mother.

Your video will end with an endboard that indicates Brosway as the promoter of this initiative. This graphic material will also support the payoff “You make me feel so special. Thanks mom! Brosway - so special”.

It’s not necessary to show Brosway products in your video. In case you wish to show them please keep in mind we are not looking for a product commercial, but rather a sincere and intense celebration of mothers.


Emotional, positive, pure, fresh, bravery, love, contemporaneity.


Mainly young women (16-35 y/o)


The video must not contain brand or products different from Brosway. If there are any, they should be blurred or the video cannot be approved. You also need to use original, unreleased tracks or the ones from our Music Library.

Please do not show any jewellery in your video if different fro Brosway. You don't need to place the product in your video, but if you are showing any jewellery this must be Brosway


Italian or English


Video length: 30 - 90 seconds, including the ending board.
Video Format: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, file .mov or .mp4, H.264 FullHD (1920x1080), 25fps, minimum rate 10000kbps
Max size: 2GB

Deadline: 08/04/2016
Voting start: 11th (2 pm) April until 21st April
Communication of selected content: 26th of April.

Total Rewards: 10.000 EU
1° selected video: 5.000 EU
2° selected video: 2.000 EU
3°, 4°, 5° selected video: 1.000 EU

Your video might go on TV!