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Candy Crush Saga REAL LIFE


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Playing virtual games is entering a world with different rules, right? asks you to reverse that fact and alter reality by applying the laws of their game, Candy Crush Saga, to the real world. What will reality look like if the physics of the game govern the real world? Do people wearing red jumpers and sitting in a row disappear? Do cabs queuing up at traffic lights vanish? Do we start arranging our personal things differently? relies on your creative genius to promote its Candy Crush Saga game through their online channels. Your videos will establish emotional involvement with the viewer by creating edgy and unique video clips of 30– 60 seconds in length. Create great content that promotes the fun and challenge of Candy Crush Saga. Don't be lazy, go beyond arranging real candy in a matrix and bring the fundamentals of the game into the real world and make it sweet!


The ultimate goal: produce highly sharable video clips that tempt viewers to try the game as well as inviting their friends to the challenge. Read the creative brief before you start producing your Candy Crush Saga video.