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Are you ready for a challenge?


The task is somewhat tricky: Create a 60” – 90” video that shows the pioneering spirit of the NPP Zwentendorf in a humorous and unconventional way.  Tell the story of the solar power-production NPP (or an analogy) and emphasizes on the uniqueness and relevance of it for the future of energy production.


Be inspired by unconventional formats such as a purely metaphorical narrative form, a fake news report, video diaries of crazy atomic scientists, Historic video from the future, blockbuster trailers, etc. Think outside the usual commercial film pattern. Your video should be trashy, different and eccentric.


The 10 selected videos will be determined by the 10k + EVN Facebook fans. So make sure to create something that this massive crowd will love and vote for.


Important: Read the creative brief before you start working on your video!