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Audi_Find the #untaggable


Launched by Audi

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

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Open Call for video: Find the #untaggable!

Client: Audi

Product: Audi Q2



Audi is looking for original and highly engaging video to explore the Audi Q2 #untaggable philosophy. 

We put labels on everything to let everyone know how we feel or think...

Do we have to #hashtag #everything? What if we don’t fit the #boxes? What if we don’t want to?

#untaggable: because the best things in life might not fit under one definition.

Like the Audi Q2: #car? #SUV? #coupé? #sport? #urban? #city car? #offroader? #compact?
--> #untaggable


Call to action

Find the #untaggable!

Show things that can be defined (tagged) in more than one way,
that can be tagged with different, even opposite words, or that just defy definition,
because these experiences/people/situations are #untaggable.

  • A leap into a water hole from 50m up: #stupid, #risky, or #brave?
  • Is your favorite athlete a #player, a #hero, a #magician?
  • A cat hiding a bone: #dog or #cat?
  • Is a piece of street art #vandalism, #art, #philosophy?
  • Is a 2 year old kid #cute, #genius?

Find an engaging situation (moments, people, destination, food, technologies...) which is untaggable, then add tags and upload your video.


Tone of voice

Surprising, engaging, fun, clever, progressive.

Find the unpredictable. Be crazy! Create something that will make people think about a universe of things for which one tag is not enough.

Create a video that people can’t help sharing.



News! You’re really free to choose here!
Your video can be created vertical (9:16) or horizontal (16:9)!
You’ll be provided with an end board (a vertical and a horizontal one)


Guidelines branding

There is no requirement to use a car in your video. If you do decide to feature a car in your film, it must be the new Audi Q2

For the tags you need to add to your video, please find attached all necessary presets, fonts and colour codes to fit the Audi CI & Audi Q2 look.

This includes:

  • Audi Type font set + Audi Q2 colour code & typography guideline



No dialogues

Your tag must be in English



The video content MUST NOT show any other brand or branded / easily recognizable product. If present, they must be blurred. You must use a track for the music from the Userfarm library or an original one, created for your video.

Please have also a look to this video reference:

Technical specs:

Video Length: up to 20” including the end board. "We’re looking for short, impactful, visual stunning videos, but… if you really need more time, feel free to go up to 30.”

Format: mov or .mp4, H.264 FullHD (1920x1080 or 1080x1920), 25fps, minimum rate 10000kbps

NO Apple ProRes

Max size: 2GB



Call launch date: June 20th 2016 at 4pm (CET)

Call expiry date: September 7th 2016 at 4pm (CET)


REWARD - €10,000

1st: €5,000

2nd: €3,000

3rd: €2,000


The content of this project are hidden, visible only to the client. So, please, remember to not show any video that is participating in the contest in any channel or social network.Thanks for your cooperation.