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'Working so hard, you won't even notice'


Launched by Italgas

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

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Italgas is the main natural gas supplier in Italy, and the third in Europe. It delivers gas in private houses as well as factories, allowing everybody to experience the comfortable life that gas can contribute to.

Create a new corporate video for Italgas, aimed at describing a big industrial entity which has been operating in Italy for 180 years; an example of widespread work all over the country, serving millions of people today and always at the top for what concerns innovation, technology, and quality of service.

Create your story and give an innovative and technological breath to the material provided.

Italgas created for you quality original footage made in a few cities- Rome, Venice, Milan and Turin, and the Digital Factory workspace in Milan.

Deadline:  29/03/2019


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