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Launched by Jaguar

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

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Client : Jaguar Land Rover BC Sweden

Product : Jaguar E-Pace



About the brand

Jaguar is launching a new type of car, the Jaguar E-pace. Jaguar E-pace is revolutionizing the Jaguar world as you know it and the car market itself. Jaguar E-pace is born for a younger, urban target audience, and the launch will be connected to an artistic and urban environment.

Call to action

Jaguar is looking for five elegant art videos (of 30 seconds) that consist of a mix between footage of the Jaguar car and a beautiful mix of raw, edgy video art work that represents ‘disturbing the peace’. We are looking for convincing and sharp execution that is visually sublime.

Under the execution pay off we want to push the understanding of Jaguar as a brand. We want to disturb and disrupt the perception of Jaguar but keep the important core value of classy, elegant and extremely high quality.

                                                                     Disturb the Peace

The video art concept is “Disturb the Peace” and consists of four principles which you should follow:

1. Each of the five art films narrative is: Peace being disturbed!

2. Visual must include the jaguar pattern. We just love the actual jaguar animal pattern and its use here symbolizes a new way of expressing Jaguar. Use it as an ingredient in your art video. In any which way, you find meaningful. Please take inspiration from the mood board here.

3. E-pace Jaguar must be included. You must use footage of the actual car from here. Use the footage in whatever way you find right for your film. You can cut, mix, overlay, double expose.

4. Sound design: Only use natural sounds!!!


Tone of voice

Dreaminess, poetic and fantastic visual concepts, Jaguar animal pattern, people, urbanism, strangeness, visual noise and artsy animation all composed in a chic-stylish setting. We really like tasteful, graphical use of double exposure. See mood board for inspiration, especially of the wonderful use of double exposure in a convincing sharp execution that is visually sublime.

Video art mood board:

Looking forward to see the best you have got!



Jaguar E-pace is for younger women and men aged 35 to 55, urban, with a creative spirit and a dynamic life. For this launch we need edgy video art for exhibitions in galleries, at launch parties, dealer and social media primarily in the Nordic region.


No accidents

No crashing cars

No alcohol and cars together

No children below 18

Equality of men and women



The video content MUST NOT show any brand or branded / easily recognizable product other than Jaguar. If present, they must be blurred.

Video Length: up to 30 seconds

Language: no voiceover, no dialogue, no music track. Key sounds only.

Format: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum bitrate 10000 kbps

Maximal size: 2 GB

Music: No music track. Key sounds only.

You can download the sound-effects at this link.

Username: userfarm
Password: mrafresu

It's really Important when you submit your video content to add in the description the titles of the sound-effects that you have used and where they are from (if Userfarm or other platforms)



Call launch date: 12th of October 2017

Call expire date: 13th of November 2017


Total: €10,000

1st video selected: €4,000

2nd video selected: €3,000

3rd video selected: €1,000

4th video selected: €1,000

5th video selected: €1,000