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Crédit Agricoles Mission


Launched by Credit Agricole

Developed by Userfarm S.p.A.

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Calling all animators! If you want to work with the leading retail bank in France & Europe then simply keep on reading here. This is your chance!


We teamed up with “Crédit Agricole S.A.” and want you to read the storyboard below and conceptualize your visualisations. Let us know how you would visualise the instructional story you will find on the creative brief in your very own way. Make sure to always get the desired messages across!

Ideally, you will create vector or (traditional) hand-drawn compositions of the imagery, which will allow us to get an idea of your aesthetics, direction and the flow of the plot.


Important: Note that we don’t want you to create & submit videos. We want to see your detailed visualisationssequence by sequence!