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Much more than a loan


Launched by Findomestic

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

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Create a video to tell, in a memorable and contemporary way, how a personal loan from Findomestic is much more than a simple loan.

“Much more than a loan”

 We are looking for videos to promote the brand awareness of Findomestic with outside-the-box videos able to highlight the company’s values: Passion, Relationships, Transparency.

Total rewards 10.000€

Deadline 27/06/2018


OPEN CALL: “Much more than a loan”

CLIENT: Findomestic


To promote the brand awareness of Findomestic with outside-the-box videos able to highlight the company’s values: Passion, Relationships, Transparency.


“Much more than a loan”

Create a video to tell, in a memorable and contemporary way, how a personal loan from Findomestic is much more than a simple loan.

For instance:

You can show someone who stops wasting their time with useless and dangerous DYI experiments and contacts proper builders to refurbish their bathroom instead, thanks to Findomestic!

Or you can choose an emotional approach, showing how to bring your dreams and your projects to life thanks to the passion of Findomestic.

Please show the key features of Findomestic vs the competitors: passion and transparency which make you feel happy and let you enjoy their services.

You can show these values as you wish, even in vertical format (9:16)!

The focus is on the customers, but don’t forget the role of Findomestic consultant. Don’t show them in the video, but evoke them in a figurative way.

You can show two friends which are speaking about how they restructured their house or organize their wedding thanks to the help of Findomestic consultants. Their support go beyond the loan.

Otherwise, you can evoke the support of Findomestic experts after the loan, showing the passion of them in your project.

Please do not show any other logos or recognisable brands.


We are talking about “Prestito Personale” (Personal Loan) a product aimed at individual consumers, not at companies or professionals.

Its key features are:

  • Flexible: You can autonomously modify the amount of your initial instalment Cambio Rata. Prestito Personale has a fixed rate and flexible instalments, and allows you to adapt the instalments according to your needs.
  • Transparent: no extra costs.
  • 100% online: thanks to digital signatures.
  • Multichannel: You can apply for your loan in the local branch or online, or over the phone. And you can follow the status of you request in real time.

The maximum amount for this kind of loan is 60,000 euros, therefore, in your video, you can refer to:

  • Furniture
  • Refurbishment
  • Domestic appliances
  • Holidays
  • Weddings
  • Services (university degrees, etc)

Not show loan for cars, please look for other stories.

You can learn more at:

Tone of voice
Emotional or ironic, but contemporary.  Have a look at Findomestic’s communication on their digital channel.

Ironic: outside-the-box fun. Disrupting and where the people can find themselves in it.

Emotional: touching, showing the importance of bringing a dream or project to reality.

It must be believable, not over-polished and not too poignant

TECH SPECS: 16:9 Full HD, 1920x1080 o 9:16, 1080x1920, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

Max size: 2GB

Music: Please only use tracks from the Userfarm Library or original unreleased tracks

End board: Available here

Length:  ideal: 15’’/ max 30”, end board included


  • Do not show any anxiety, depression, tough moments or problems. The messages should be positive.
  • Yes to positive irony, but no absurdity
  • Do not show or simulate a Findomestic branch
  • Do not show or represent a Findomestic agent
  • Do not mention competitors
  • Do not use words like “easy” or any words suggesting a frivolous contest. We prefer the word "simple"
  • Follow the guidelines of the Findomestic BrandBook
  • Please do not create the video entirely with infographic or 3D animation.
  • Findomestic is an Italian brand, please remember this for your casting and locations
  • Don’t’ show the Findomestic’s mascotte
  • If you show the Findomestic’s logo, it must to be intact, it cannot be edited or showed in parts.


Please avoid showing kids. The ideal target is real people, couples, 35-40 years old.


No dialogue, if you really need it, it must be in Italian, with subtitles in Italian.


Start: 23/04/2018
Sharing Phase 02/07/2018 - 16/07/2018 

Rewards  €10,000

  • 1st- €5000
  • 2nd - €3000
  • 3rd- €1000
  • 4th - €1000
Project expired


Here you will be able to get in touch with our community team, ask questions and request information. You can also read and go through previous questions from your fellow videomakers.

Project expired

If you have questions, feel free to contact a Community Manager. Your request will be processed in due course.

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