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Launched by IBL Banca

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Open call for video: #bassoèmeglio

Client: IBL Banca

Product: RataBassotta



IBL Bank operates in the personal credit area and it is a nationally recognised reality, renown for its high specialization and reliability.

It dates back to 1927, whe it was just a financial institution that in 2004 converted into the actual bank and joined a corporate group in 2008.

In order to reaffirm the position of RataBassotta as the product market leader, IBL Bank launched in mid-2015 a new communication strategy inspired by the concept "little is better" with its related hashtag #bassoèmeglio. This strategy is aimed at creating a positive feeling toward all that is small (RataBassotta is a loan repaid in small installments). The recent advertising campaigns of the product have been inspired by this concept.


About the product

RataBassotta is dedicated to employees and retirees and lets you pay a loan through installments that amount to maximum a fifth of the salary or pension and spacing the period up to 120 months.

Advertising campaigns starring RataBassotta have a very nice testimonial, the dachshund , which summarizes all the main benefits of the product (usefulness of small installments , reliability , accessibility)



Promote RataBassotta playing on the concept #LittleIsBetter with a series of creative and original videos .
Then bring out all the possible positive meanings associated with small/short/low things.


Call to action

We all dream of a bigger house, a bigger car or even a huge sailboat, but are we really sure that this works for everything?

Sometimes the lower the better, as clients at IBL Bank know very well. Their advertising campaign "rata bassotta" has a cute and funny wiener dog as a main character who shows all the advantages of the small/short IBL loan's payment.

Some Examples

A surfer is about to use a windsurf with a huge sail, everyone is amazed but suddenly a wind blow takes him away and all the others start watching each other and think #LittleIsBetter

Or could be a cute dachshund who plays a limbo match with “human” friends and wins of course because #LittleIsBetter

But you can use many different ways to express the idea that #LittleIsBetter. For instance, the point of view of children: for them everything is beautiful and easy! Your video will be published on so have a look there!

Please remember to end your video with the final packshot attached and remember that the video should be in Italian or with no dialogues at all.



The video must not contain brand or products different from IBL Banca. They should be blurred or the video can’t be approved. You also need to use original, unreleased tracks or the ones from our Music Library

  • Video’s Lenght: 15 to 45 seconds.

  • Language: Italian or no dialogue

  • Get some inspiration frome here



Format: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264

Maximum size: 2GB



Start: 26/10/2015

Deadline: 14/12/2015 at 23:59h

Voting: from 15/12/2015 until 21/12/2015


Total Rewards: 8.000 euros

1° selected video: 5.000 euros

2° selected video: 2.000 euros

3° selected video: 1.000 euros