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Celebrate your goals!


Launched by Beck's

Developed by Userfarm S.p.A.

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Client: Beck’s

Project: Towards Brazil 2014

About the brand

Beck’s is the most old German beer worldwide. It has presence in many countries, including Germany, UK, USA, Italy.
Key values: freedom, no limits, innovation, follow your inner compass, cosmopolitan, international, foster independent thinkers.
Beck’s is sponsor of FIFA WC Brazil 2014. It’s the first time for Beck’s to approach the world of football.


Recall the world of football focusing on features close to Beck’s target. The objective is to capture the target in the best moment of their success: celebration. The celebration of success, in more or less explosive mood, through voice and body language, represents the energy that awaits FIFA WC14.

Call to action

Success is real only when you celebrate it

Imagine our target, urban, cool, contemporary, who has just received great news, who has just won a challenge or accomplished a mission... and imagine you caught them in their highest moment of enthusiasm, alone or with friends. Just as football players after having striken a goal.

The way they celebrate can recall iconic gestures and moves, typical football player moves, or very well known because they are in a very popular movie (Rocky Balboa), typical of a public figure (Barak Obama – Yes We Can): the sliding, the plane, fingers up in the air... This will be the connection with the enthusiasm and energy of a world event like FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil: success, joy of having accomplished it, uncontrollable enthusiasm.

Beck’s invites you to reproduce all of this!

The main characters 

Young adults 25-35, living in big cities, who live a metropolitan and international life. Determined, objective oriented, active and interactive, always on the move... happy, party animals, outgoing and with social life...
50% Challenge, motivation, esploration + 50% social interaction, party. 100% focused on their goal! Consider, if you wish, the interactivity of the main character, who is social, uses FB, apps, smartphones, music consumer and also able to connect with his own inner world.


The city, cool and international, possibly recognizable from abroad.

Tone of voice

Enthusiasm, energy. Empowerment.


Videos shouldn’t be in stripes or cartoons format, besides see ABI guidelines -- > no children aged less than 18 years old, no animals, no motors, no dangerous situations.


from 30” to 60”


 - Focus on contemporary codes, cool situations, urban, international.
 - You can only represent football in the form of celebration, which is typical of football players after a goal.
- Beck’s beer could be present, if you think it is necessary and good for your story.
- No other brand of beverage or other brands will be present.
- Consider, if it´s useful for your creativity, quotes of the Brasilian world (e.g. music, body language, common saying, location...)
- If you want to add dialogues or subtitles to your video, they must be in Italian; otherwise the video can be mute.
- At the end of the video there will be the Beck’s end video packshot (download).


If you choose to represent a street, a park, part of a city: be sure that it has a metropolitan flavour, no village or small social reality.

If you choose to represent an indoor situation, it should be cool, successful: a party, a terrace, a brunch or a new home inauguration...


To be selected from the Userfarm library.


Stories could develop around every day events where the target is involved in small and big challenges of their life, and his key moment will be exactly the explosion of enthusiasm for the celebration of their success.

A guy slides on his knees in the park because he is happy the girl he likes smiled him back.

Two guys get out of the lecture hall after an exam... flipping in the hallway, friends around him and bring in triumph.

After signing a contract, a guy shakes hand with his employer and goes out in the street with his shirt on his head...

After a night out in the city, a group of friends celebrates with hands together.


Formato: 16:9 FULL HD


Total: 10.000 Euro

1st selected video – 5.000 Euro
2nd selected video – 2.000 Euro
3rd selected video – 1.000 Euro
4° selected video – 1.000 Euro
5° selected video – 1.000 euro


Start: April 3th 2014
Deadline: May 27th 2014
Vote of videos in contest: from May 28th (midnight) to June 11th 2014 (23.59). The videos will be voted through the dedicated facebook app and on our platform. The client, in the end, will decide which videos will receive an award.
Announcement of selected videos: by June 20th 2014


1° Video selected by Beck’s may be shown on SKY with a 10” space during a match of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.