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Shared success, true greatness


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“Shared success, true greatness”

Many years ago, there was a man who worked to build his elite status in a different way. He took great care of close, long-lasting relationships, and intimate personal values. His name was James Buchanan, and his way of life is what we want to focus on.

Those who choose Buchanan’s choose this life attitude – they are winners, people who never forget the relationships they nourished during their successful life. They are those who take care of their, friends, families… their clan!

Create a video (30 seconds), that shows this blend of success with care in relationships, positive values and recognition from those around them.  

Focus your creativity around the moments and the ways these great men give and receive from those they really care about.

Deadline: 07th September at 23:59h

Total of Rewards: 12.000$