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We Are What We Eat


Launched by Nespresso

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

Type of content: Video

€48000 Total rewards

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Nespresso Talents is back! This year, the contest for vertical short films is asking creators to tell the story: “We Are What We Eat”.

We want you to share stories of food - its culture, its influence, and what it means to us. Food is so much more than what’s on our plate. It is colours, smells, life. It is a notebook scribbled with recipe ideas. It is the memory of a place, a moment, a very special day. It is a public market, a secret address, a rooftop garden nourished with coffee compost, where you grow your fresh vegetables…

We challenge filmmakers to share what food means to you.

€48,000 in total rewards!
Deadline: 25/03/2019