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The sparkling taste of fruit? Specialità Italiana!


Launched by San Pellegrino

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Open Call for video:

“The sparkling taste of fruit? Specialità Italiana!”

Tell us with your short video video (15 to 30 secs max) how the new Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages "Specialità Italiana!” bring love, pleasure, happiness and joy in the life of the people who choose it.

3 flavours:

- Orange & Prickly pear, from Sicily

- Lemon (from Sicily) & Menta (dal Piedmont)

- Chinotto (from Sicily) & Myrtle (from Sardinia)

Submit one or more videos to tell the story of this sparkling experience surrounded by the Italian atmosphere with a focus on the features of each single combination.

Rewards: 10.000 €

Deadline: 01/06/2016


Open Call for video:

“The sparkling taste of fruit? Specialità Italiana!”

Client: Sanpellegrino – Nestlè Waters

Product: Le specialità Italiane

About the client

Sanpellegrino occupies a prominent place in the panorama of Italian companies with a rich history and roots far back in time. The company that today is the largest Italian beverage company with a significant number of mineral water, non-alcoholic aperitifs, drinks and iced teas, has managed over the years to establish itself in 153 countries worldwide with the highest quality products.

About the product

Sanpellegrino is the widest high-quality range of sparkling fruit beverages. In the last October 2015 Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages have started a long transformation journey: from the classic Carbonated Soft Drink to become a more premium, healthier and adult Sparkling Fruit Beverages and Bibite Sanpellegrino become the Brand focus of the communication instead of a single product (like Chinò or Orange in the past).

The new brand positioning has been communicated with a 360° plan that has included: a new brand Identity; a new adult TV Copy, a new recipe and a new product Range launch: a new flavour range “Specialità Italiane”, an unexpected mix of selected and authentic ingredients from specific regions.

The new proposition is based on the idea that in everyday life we are looking for pleasure and taste. But there is no pleasure without quality. Sparkling Fruit Beverages (SFB) knows it very well, that’s why, it’s the right charming ambassador of this authentic pleasure: we invite people to add joy and taste to their life by giving them a unique drinking experience.


Create an emotional, engaging, creative, funny content that supports the launch of new SFB Sanpellegrino Range “Specialità Italiane” bringing to life all the key values of his positioning such as passion, pleasure, Italian origins, Italian Style & mood, high quality ingredients.

Call to action

                              The sparkling taste of fruit? Specialità Italiana!

If you don’t think that the scent and the flavour of the fruit can transport you into a world of Joy, Wellbeing and Pleasure… Well, we guess you haven’t tasted yet the “Specialità italiana”!

3 flavours:

- Orange & Prickly pear, from Sicily

- Lemon (from Sicily) & Mint (from Piedmont)

- Chinotto (from Sicily) & Myrtle (from Sardinia)

In each of them you can find the fragrance and the natural taste of the ingredients, but also their characters and their roots. Please focus on one of the above combinations and show in a creative and imaginative way how this product brings love, pleasure, happiness and joy in the life of the people who choose it.

Please have a look to the official commercial as a reference 

Submit one or more videos to tell the story of this sparkling experience surrounded by the Italian atmosphere with a focus on the features of each single combination. Please consider that each video must be focused on one product.

Remember to highlight the Italian features of the product also using Italian symbols and values that makes Italy and San Pellegrino an excellence benchmark worldwide.


Imagine a dinner in a countryside cottage between friends. Suddenly the light goes off and they realise that there is a wake lightening coming from the window, from the fields. They take drinks from the fridge and go out and there is an amazing view in front of them: stars and fireflies under the orange tries. They enjoy this breath taking scenery drinking Orange & Prickly pear.

Tone of voice

Trustworthy, charismatic, sociable, brilliant, passionate, premium, refined, loves beauty. Unleash your imagination and vision, creating a video that is deeply original and imaginative.


Successful people, urban, 25-44. Open minded and demanding. Socially and globally connected, they love enjoying all the zest for life. Their choices are driven by quality. They drink at home, with family, alone and also with friends; they look for the best in terms of quality and authenticity. They drink at the bar to quench thirst but also to have a self-reward, that’s why they are looking for a non-alcoholic distinctive taste, unique and absolutely natural.

Guidelines branding

Don’ts: No kids, no animals drinking the product

Language: videos will be in Italian

End board: 3 final animated 2” end card (each one dedicated to a specific product) to be added to any film are available in the download area.


The video content MUST NOT show any brand or branded / easily recognizable product. If present, they must be blurred. You must use a track for the music from the library or an original unreleased one, created for your video.

Video Length: 15''/30” included end board

Technical specs: Format:  16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

Max size: 2GB


If you need a sample of the product for your shooting, please write to to require it. Remember to add your address and telephone number.


Call launch date: April 14th 2016 at 4pm (CEST)

Call expire date: 01/06/2016 at 23:59 (CEST)

Selected videos announcement: June 15th 2016 at 4pm (CEST)

REWARD - 10.000

€ 1° : 5.000

€ 2° : 2.000

€ 3° : 1.000

€ 4° : 1.000

€ 5° : 1.000 

Project expired


Here you will be able to get in touch with our community team, ask questions and request information. You can also read and go through previous questions from your fellow videomakers.

Project expired

If you have questions, feel free to contact a Community Manager. Your request will be processed in due course.

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