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Sunny Delight makes your day move!


Launched by Sunny Delight

Developed by Userfarm France SARL

Type of content: Video
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Imagine you are hanging out in your neighbourhood skating as you’re surfing on the ocean. Imagine all the situations where things start moving faster, cooler, better. Imagine a scrappy basketball court which becomes a competition field with an enthusiastic audience.

Sunny Delight brings your inner surfer, skater, cool guy out… that gipsy, vital, energetic self…. able to make your day rock.

“Sunny Delight makes your day move!”

Create one or more video(s) you can’t avoid sharing. Show the cool product Sunny Delight is, and how it lets your inner self shine. A positive energy that brings the sun in every urban grey day. You choose the story and the style! And let the product appear!

Please do not use any Sunny D. products, only Sunny Delight ones.

Rewards: €20,500

Deadline: January, 22nd, 2017