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Emotions that deserve to be remembered


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There are many ways to live your life, but when you choose to focus on the emotions that you feel, and that you make the others feel, you realize that many more moments become unforgettable.

Tell us about these unique and unforgettable moments in TROLLBEADS ITALIA brand new call for videos.

And which time of the year is better then Xmas to tell your story?

You can submit your video until 30/11/2016_10.000 euros in total rewards



OPEN CALL FOR VIDEOS: “Emotions that deserve to be remembered”



The aim of this project is not only the celebration of Xmas but also the celebration of the powerful “emotions sharing time” that this event enables.

There are many ways to live your life, but when you choose to focus on the emotions that you feel, and that you make the others feel, you realize that many more moments become unforgettable.

Through a gift, for example, both the giver and the receiver can feel powerful emotions. It does not happen only with presents of course, but also with a simple caring gesture, that can start a positive chain of events and emotions.


“Build memorable emotions!Anything you do, you can choose to do with passion, making it unforgettable and full of unique emotions for you and for others.

A walk in the nature with your friends, a surprise party for your parents, an unexpected declaration to a person you really care about…. We live with emotions and they become our stories.

It is especially true that during Xmas we dedicate ourselves to our loved ones, with a gift or simply a gesture, that generates an emotion in us and the ones we love. Shared and unforgettable emotions.

Show these gestures, those moments, in a video able to become viral.

Have a look at some previous campaigns

Make them inspire you and think out of the box! Don't stop at the gift thing.

We want a video that tell us about feelings, outbursts, emotions, deep bonds that can be created any time, in any moment, but it’s up to us to make them last forever.

Thanks to TROLLBEADS you can carry these emotions with you. With over 600 beads you can create a bracelet that tells your story. Each bead has a meaning, each of them is linked to a memory, an emotion and, like a tattoo, it becomes part of you in every moment of your life. “Because your story is a fairy-tale that deserves to be told.”


Emotional, powerful, memorable

Final packshot

Available in a couple of weeks


Do not put the product in your video. If you really want to insert it, please bear in mind that this must not be the focus of the scene (no close up in a commercial style).

MUSIC Please use only the music library provided or original and unreleased tracks.

Format: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

Max size: 2GB

Length Max 90”

Language: Any but would be better to create videos that work without any words. If you use a voice over, please provide Italian subtitles.

TIMING Deadline: 30/11/2016

Rewards: 10000 euros

5000 for the first video selected

3000 for the secondo video selected

2000 for the third video selected

Project expired


Here you will be able to get in touch with our community team, ask questions and request information. You can also read and go through previous questions from your fellow videomakers.

Project expired

If you have questions, feel free to contact a Community Manager. Your request will be processed in due course.

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