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Spread the Christmas joy!


Launched by Ferrero

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

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Open Call for video: Spread the Christmas joy!

Client: Ferrero

Product: Nutella


To create a warm and engaging connection between Nutella and Christmas. To inspire Nutella fans – 32 million Facebook fans! - with a heart warming and emotional Christmas story.

To give Nutella the best possible role in Christmas.

Call to action

Nutella is one of us. It’s part of our memories, of our childhood, of our family and our childrens’ happiness.

It’s the enthusiasm to wake up…and to celebrate everyday with a new smile. That’s why Christmas is one of the best possible periods for Nutella to celebrate with its fans and engage them in stories they can’t avoid sharing.

The most important value Christmas and Nutella have in common is joy: the joy to be surprised, to share, to celebrate, to meet the ones you love.

Spread the Christmas joy! Create the most beautiful and joyful Christmas tale, inspired by Nutella. It can be a real life one or an animated one, it can be with your kids, with your family or with your friends. It must bring an explosion of positive and sparking feelings, something that leaves you with a wide smile after you have watched it.

Something that you and anyone would love to share.

What’s the role of Nutella here? It can be one of the family, it can be a big or small part of the storytelling. It can be a character. It could be the Christmas joy activator, the glue that holds Christmas together, the catalyst for that unique Christmas feeling. It can be an ingredient in a Christmas recipe. It can be eaten, or stay in the legendary jar. You decide.

And remember this is not a commercial, this is a Christmas tale.


Any kind of family that celebrates togetherness with joy.

Tone of voice

Warm, emotional, joyful. We want to leave people with a sweet childish smile on their faces.

Language: Spanish, French, Italian, English, German – all these languages are fine, but it is even better if your story can be told without words.

FORMAT: up to 30 secs

END BOARD Please close your video with the end board you can download from the dedicated area.


• Product: o please don’t show people eating Nutella by itself - with a spoon or finger for example. If eaten, it should be with something else - spread on something, or in a recipe. o Please avoid over-consumption; you don’t need to over-eat Nutella to know how delicious it is.

The standard for one portion is 15g/1tablespoon o Do not talk about Nutella addiction, for example “I can’t stop eating it” o Do not use Nutella in an inappropriate way: e.g. as a beauty mask, or spread on the body o No animals eating Nutella, even if we know it’s difficult to resist the temptation ;-) o Please avoid sexually suggestive content

TECH SPECS: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps Max size: 2GB Please bear in mind that, if your video is selected, you will be requested to provide also the sound on a separate file.

MUSIC: Please use only tracks from our Music library


Launch: 19th December 2016

End: 7th March 2017


1st: 7000

2nd: 3000

3rd: 3000

4th: 2000

5th: 2000

6th-11th: 1000

12th-15th: 500