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Tic Tac Tracks!


Launched by Ferrero

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Tic Tac has always had a special connection to music – and to the playful, fresh, slightly irreverent spirit of new musical trends.

Shake it, sing it, dance it... In a short video, show how Tic Tac can inspire a world of music and fun!

40 selected videos with €30,000 total rewards

Deadline 15th of October 2018

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Open Call for video: Tic Tac Tracks

Client: Ferrero

Product: Tic Tac



Born with an unconventional soul, Tic Tac has always had a special connection to music – and to the playful, fresh, slightly irreverent spirit of many new musical trends. With Tic Tac you can have a lighthearted party in your mouth, or you can shake its iconic box and actually make music.

Tic Tac understands music as a living (evolving) organism, as joy in everyone's life (like in “The Cable Guy” scene where Jim Carrey says that “life should have its original music soundtrack!”) and as culture (being culture but also influencing other cultures). Sharing Tic Tac can be also an element of social life just as music is.

Our primary goal of this exercise is to check how our creators see the relation (if any) between Tic Tac and music, which potentially we may use for research, stimuli of I/O or broader communication.


Tic Tac sparks moments of… joy, dynamism, fun, colours…music! The Tic Tac personality overflows with positivity and energy.  

What exactly does “Tic Tac sparks…” mean?

It lights up, moves, activates something…....and…...


Call to action

Can you keep a Tic Tac pack in you hands without making it sound? Can you think about Tic Tac without a feeling of joy?

Tic Tac adds a note of happiness to your day, doesn’t it? And Tic Tac candies beat the rhythm of your work, your study, your free time with your friends…

“Tic Tac Tracks!”

Shake it, sing it, dance it… show in a video how Tic Tac can inspire a world of music and fun!

There are so many ways to link Tic Tac and music: imagine a Tic Tac dance, a Tic Tac flash mob, a Tic Tac rhythm session, as if it was a percussion session.

You can pick a track from the Music Library and use it for your creativity, transform it into anything you want. Or you can invent your own rhythm, your own music.

Music is our breath, our steps, our lullaby when we were kids. It’s everywhere - the sound of the wind, a guitarist in the street, the rhythm of your hands writing on your keyboard… You will choose the technique, and how to make Tic Tac part of the story…step into this amazing creative Universe and go! 


Tic Tac team building, where a whole company’s employees play with Tic Tac
a singer, who takes inspiration from a Tic Tac flavour…

a traffic warden who eats a Tic Tac and starts moving like a break dancer...



Millennials and late Millennials. Young and digital Natives

Tone of voice

Crazy, disruptive, unusual, imaginative, out of the box, unexpected or simply poetic, beautifully musical, improvised.


The product must be in your story. You can choose between mint and orange Tic Tac.

Guidelines branding

No kids.

No animals eating the product.

You’ll be provided with an end board.

We suggest no dialogue.

FORMAT: up to 10 secs ( + end board)


Please close your video with the endboard you can download from here.

Music: Please be reminded to use exclusively tracks available in the Userfarm music library or original, unreleased tracks.


16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

Max size: 2GB 

PLEASE NOTE: All files need to be in TV quality (files mov, ProRes, full HD or mov, not compressed). We recommend the 25 fps rate and bear in mind that, if your video is selected, you will also be requested to provide the sound on a separate file.


Rewards: €30,000 – 40 videos selected

1-20 video selected 1000€/ per video

21-40 video selected 500€/ per video



Start 06/08/2018

Deadline 15/10/2018

Project expired


Here you will be able to get in touch with our community team, ask questions and request information. You can also read and go through previous questions from your fellow videomakers.

Project expired

If you have questions, feel free to contact a Community Manager. Your request will be processed in due course.


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