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Don't you feel like pizza?


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Introducing a new range of pizzas for the whole family- Sofficini! Findus is looking for short, fun and engaging videos to communicate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the range, the only pizzas designed for the whole family and for every belly!

Show 6 seconds of pure family fun!

Deadline 21/01/2019
Total rewards 3000 - 3 videos selected!


OPEN CALL: Don't you feel like pizza?

CLIENT: Findus

The mission of this contest is to create videos presenting the Pizza Sofficini range!

We are looking for short, fun and engaging videos to communicate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the range, the only pizzas designed for the whole family and for every belly!


Don't you feel like pizza? The new Sofficini pizzas have arrived!

We’re looking for 3 videos:

1. Showing the product range: Sofficini pizzas for the whole family(Sofficiosa, Piccolette Margherita & Piccolette Wurstel)
2. On the “Sofficiosa”: A Margherita pizza: ideal for splitting amongst the family. Product characteristics: Tall and fluffy crust, with extra stringy mozzarella.
3. Showing The “Piccolette”: A Margherita pizza and a Pizza topped with Wurstel & French Fries: Made with little ones in mind. Product characteristics: Thin and crispy crust, with extra stringy mozzarella.

Think, for example, of the "Sofficini Evening": the family evening in which there are no rules but just tons of fun! Examples such as "Pizza Party!", or "no homework tonight". Everything is accompanied by the sympathy and irreverence of Carletto, the nice chameleon who loves Sofficini Pizzas so much, who cannot resist! If it was up to him he would always have Sofficini products.


You don’t need to show the product but it is mandatory to show the product packaging. (Using the graphics provided)

You can find all the materials here.

Please note, you cannot show people eating pizza. If you would like to show pizza in your video, please use the graphics provided.


Traditional Italian families, with children aged 5-12 years, and parents aged 35 – 45. Showing a family with 2 kids is preferable but not mandatory.

6 seconds of pure family fun, shot in 16:9 (additionally, 1:1 square format is optional)


- You video must avoid other recognizable brands or logos.

- It is mandatory to show the Sofficini packaging in the video.

- Sofficini logo in top left is MANDATORY

- In the video show the product ONLY through the materials provided

- Show the 2D Carletto from the first second of the video

- Carletto can be the main character of your video, or, a family can be the main focus. However, it is compulsory to show Carletto in the video at some point regardless.

- If Carletto is the main character, the pizza shown in the video must be the provided graphics.

- It is mandatory to show the Sofficini packaging in the video using the graphics provided.

- Do not show children alone, they must be appear with one or both parents.

- Colors: NO dark and soft colors, YES bright colors! For example, the reference colors for the Pizzas: The Sofficiosa Pizza Margherita 235g à P. 485 C., The Piccoletta Pizza Wurstel & Potatoes 250g à P. 108 C., The Sofficini Margherita 480g à P. 3135 C.

- Remember these messages: The Piccolette are the pizzas designed for the little ones of the house, La Sofficiosa is ideal to share with the whole family. The Sofficini Pizzas are a real party for the whole family! Pizza party!

LANGUAGE: Voice over is allowed, but it is NOT possible to give a voice to Carletto. If necessary only Italian language and subtitles are allowed.

It is mandatory to show the Sofficini packaging in the video. For instance, If you decide to make a video about all 3 products, you must show the three different boxes of product.
There are also pizza graphics if you require it for your video.  You can find the product graphics here.

Carletto must be shown from the first second of the video. For example you can use one of the provided Carletto images with a speech bubble adding a text or character thought in Italian.
Please do not render Carletto into a 3D animation.
2D Carletto videos are more than welcome, if Carletto is the main character in your animation, showing a family is not required. Please find a reference link to this here.
Please download all the packaging, Sofficini pizzas and Carletto images on this link.

TONE OF VOICE: Fun, original, bubbly, memorable, and engaging, typical of the Sofficini brand and the character Carletto (Click here for reference)

ATTENTION: the videos will be used as pre-roll advertising.


- Avoid religious and / or political themes
- Prohibition of racist, discriminatory, violent or sexual content
- No negative interaction with the product (such as spitting it out, throwing it away, damaging it, etc.)
- No presence of other confectionery and packaged products, like bread crackers or pretzels
- Prohibition of contents not suitable for children
- No association with alcoholic beverages, smoking, drugs
- No representation of contexts and / or situations in which the presence of children is not normal.
- Please do not show scenarios of children eating any of the products unsupervised, as in without their parents.

TECH SPECS: 16:9 Full HD, option to also produce 4:5 Full HD, 1920x1080 high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps
Max size: 2GB

Music: We remind you to use only songs made available by the Userfarm Music Library or original and unpublished tracks

Length: Max. 6 seconds


Start: 06/12/2018

Deadline: 21/01/2018


€1500 First video selected

€1000 Second video selected

€500 Third video selected

Project expired


Here you will be able to get in touch with our community team, ask questions and request information. You can also read and go through previous questions from your fellow videomakers.

Project expired

If you have questions, feel free to contact a Community Manager. Your request will be processed in due course.


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