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#ageisjustanumber... To be fully enjoyed !


Launched by Essilor

Developed by Userfarm France SARL

Type of content: Video
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OPEN CALL FOR VIDEOS: “#ageisjustanumber… to be fully enjoyed!”

CLIENT: Essilor

BRAND: Varilux



As soon as someone puts them on, Varilux® lenses provide sharp, effortless vision at any distance - near and far and anywhere in-between. Varilux lets wearers pursue their personal and professional projects with confidence and makes them feel empowered to enjoy life to the fullest.

This specific project targets people experiencing presbyopia/“tired eyes” symptoms but who refuse to face up to these symptoms because they don’t want to feel old.

Varilux produces the best possible products for them to fully enjoy their life and their age which, by the way…. is just a number!



We ask all of our filmmakers to join the #ageisjustanumber movement and embrace the chance to fully enjoy your life and your age, thanks to Varilux’s amazing lenses.

We ask you to create a video showing how silly it is to consider yourself old just because your eyes are not behaving as you’d like them to. You’re sure to feel old if you make choices that do not help you enjoy your life!



How many times does one of your friends, neighbours, colleagues or family members behave weirdly because they don’t want to admit their sight has changed? They refuse to send text messages, they invent excuses not to share a funny article in a magazine, or they realise their arm is not long enough to hold the book far enough away to read!

Bring these situations to life in funny and engaging short videos to prove that…

“#ageisjustanumber… to be fully enjoyed!”



People over 45 years old. Dynamic people, cool men and women who don’t want to face the fact that they are experiencing presbyopia.

They miss out on enjoyable experiences like...

…reading a funny story a friend is showing them….

…fixing a piece of jewellery for a woman they really like…

…reading a small watch…

or they make the craziest excuses to avoid situations where they are supposed to see properly from close up…

… and create the oddest situations to be able to “see from a  short distance” without proper gasses…

We don’t want you to show losers, but cool people who are doing everything they can to avoid facing up to a problem and therefore they make you laugh and create surreal situations.

We like these people to be sporty: so any sporty situations with a yoga environment, say, or playing squash or at a bowling competition are more than welcome.

You can choose the youngest section of the target audience (45-50 years old), or the oldest one (55-60 years old). The important thing is for them to be healthy and smart.


Engaging, unique, understandable, relatable, and fun. They can be crazy, funny, outside-the-box, but not grossly over the top.We are looking for real life videos.


Up to 15secs, 5secs end board included

MUSIC: Please only use the Userfarm Music Library or original, unreleased tracks.


Endboard available here


Videos with no dialogue are preferred. If dialogue is used, it must be French.



Launch: June 20th

End: Sept 5th

Sharing Phase: 19 September – 3 October.



1° - 3000€

2° - 3000€

3° - 2000€

4° - 1000€

5° - 1000€

6° - 1000€

7° - 1000€

8° - 1000€

9° - 1000€

10° - 1000€