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Magic Kinder


Launched by Ferrero

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

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Magic Kinder is an app where children and parents can learn and play together with: games, videos, tutorials, songs and more. Describe it in the brand new video contest "Imagination is the real surprise!. You don't necessarily need to show the app: feel free to create stories inspired by the ppt provided.

Show us your imagination and creativity in your video for Magic Kinder!

Please don’t show any Kinder Chocolate, Packing or Egg surprise related with Kinder

Deadline 09/08/2017 

Total Rewards 28,000 euro


Open Call for video

Client: Ferrero

Product: Magic Kinder



Magic Kinder is a digital environment enabled by Kinder, where children and parents can enjoy engaging content: games, videos, tutorials, songs and more. It is a place where they can learn and play together.

Magic Kinder is an app, but it’s far more than just that. It’s an opportunity to share the joy of playing and learning together, with your children.

Getting to know Magic Kinder is your first step into this amazing open video contest.


Your child asks a surprising question, teaches you a song or explains how to say “Enjoy your meal” in Chinese! These are the small, but precious, joys that make the relationship between you and your children so special.

Let Magic Kinder inspire you and show how it can affect the daily relationship between parents and their 5 to 11 year-old children, bringing them together to enjoy and learn.

Anything new can unleash a child’s imagination; there are so many stories, tricks, new realities, dances and colours which can surprise them and become part of their learning process. And if you can be part of this… that is simply Magic!


Imagination is the real surprise!


The goal of Magic Kinder is to create a place where you can live these experiences with your children - a place where bonding moments, of play and learning, happen. Because education can be an amazing journey to share with your children. Create a story about this!

You can start showing parents and children exploring Magic Kinder together, or you can tell a story directly inspired by some of the Magic Kinder content.

We suggest you to explore 3 main themes which will be soon part of Magic Kinder:

Magic Kinder Science will be a series of 10 different simple experiments that explain, to kids, curious science facts. Featuring one “professor” and kids assisting him. There will be 10 different experiments kids can do easily at home using everyday objects.

Magic Kinder Playground will be a collection of video tutorials providing original ways for kids to be active.

Occasions videos will be content with cooking, crafts and face painting tutorials for special occasions (such as Easter, Diwali, Thanksgiving, CNY and Ramandan.)

Please check all the details of these new content in the attached PPT

Or please feel free to portray other features already available on the app, such as the draw and paint section. Eg. Where you can have a 3d model of the animal that your child coloured, able to repeat what the child says

If you show an experiment, an exercise a game or part of it, please make sure it is inspired by the ones present in the app or in the attached ppt

Imagine a child teaching his father how to build a real compass and then they find themselves in an Indiana jones adventure… in the child’s imagination

Or the family playing a magic trick.. and in a second something disappears and only the mother and the cat realize it...was it real magic or just the contagious power of imagination?

Or the family celebrating easter... grandma is waiting for dinner with her 2 grandchildren...whilst she is waiting she paints the face of a bunny on them!

Your story can be dynamic and joyful, or emotional and moving, as long as it surprises and engages.Your video must worth sharing.


Magic Kinder is not a place where Kinder products are advertised nor a place where Kinder makes any kind of advertising. The brand here is only an enabler of surprising content to help children develop their imagination, learn and grow happier.

Two boxes your story must tick: FUN and EDUCATIONAL. We want to see family engagement and children learning with joy.


Young families. We are talking about young adults, Millennial parents. People with a large digital attitude, very busy but still dynamic and joyful. They would do everything to improve the quality of the time they spend with their children, which is never enough.


Dynamic and joyful, or emotional and moving, as long as it surprises and engages. You have to drive curiosity and generate awareness around Magic Kinder.


Please use only tracks from the music Library provided.


You can decide not to use dialogue or VO. If you choose to use dialogue o VO instead, please add English subtitles.


The product here is Magic Kinder, you must always show something inside the Magic Kinder App. You decide how: it can be from a device someone is using or you can choose to edit a piece of Magic Kinder content inside your story.

Please find some examples of content here.(link to download video in HD)

Please do not show recognisable third party content or characters like Disney, Minions, Barbie, etc. Such licensed content must not be used. If you have any doubt whether the content you want to use is licensed, please contact us.

You can also download this hidden version of the app which contains new content which Kinder would be happy for you to use.

You do not have to use the above examples, and if you would prefer to use other content, that’s up to you.

If you reside in the US, use the following links:


but follow these instructions if you are an IOS user



Please don’t show any brand, including Kinder brands and products.

No children eating chocolate.

FORMAT: up to 60”


Please close your video with the end-board you can download from here.


16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

Max size: 2GB


Launch: 05-06-2017

End: 09/08/2017  (23:59 CEST TIME)


TOTAL REWARDS: 28,000 Euro

1st selected: 7,000 Euro

2nd selected: 5,000 Euro

3rd selected: 3,000 Euro

4th selected: 2,000 Euro

5-15th selected: 1,000 Euro

Project expired


Here you will be able to get in touch with our community team, ask questions and request information. You can also read and go through previous questions from your fellow videomakers.

Project expired

If you have questions, feel free to contact a Community Manager. Your request will be processed in due course.


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