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The kids know why!


Launched by Woolmark

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

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The kids know why!

There are many things that children are able to get instinctively and discuss thoughtfully - it is often the case that can learn from the kids’ point of view, which is always a surprising, fresh and intuitive point of view, characterized by bright innocence. 

Get onboard this new video contest by representing the magic way children express, interpret and tell stories about the qualities of Woolmark certified 100% Merino wool and the Il Gufo collection!

Pick one of the features from Il Gufo and release your creativity to reach the high imaginative level typical of children, and start shooting your video. 

How would a kid represent the smoothness of a jumper? What words or pictures would children use to speak about simplicity? What would a kid be able to do while he/she wears a stretchy and durable wool jumper?

Deadline 11/07/2016

€10.000 rewards