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Power of the Finish Line


Launched by Arena

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

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Call for video Arena: “The power of a finish line”

The 2 selected filmmakers will be invited to Budapest!

On the occasion of the Budapest 2017 Swimming World Cup, Arena - sponsor of the event - is developing a communication campaign based on the values of champions. The idea is to look for these values among “normal” people - those people who don’t think of themselves as champions, but who actually are champions in their everyday life.

Some finish lines are celebrated all around the world and published in magazines or broadcast on tv. Others are less visible but no less important. These are the successes we reach thanks to our effort, passion and tenacity, the achievements that make us proud and full of positive energy

People running towards a finish line are full of passion and enthusiasm. They are inspirational. Convey this inspiration in your video!

Think about normal people, of any age, fighting to keep their will to win. “Win” meaning to overcome obstacles, to go further and release positive energy!

€7,000 euro in total rewards - Deadline 22/05/2017