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City and Guilds


Launched by City & Guilds

Developed by Userfarm S.p.A.

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This is your chance to produce simple videos and support City & Guilds in developing a large number of learning resources for students. Your videos will show how speaking, listening and math skills are fundamental for social interactions and how we use them in our everyday life or you can show someone who is not a professional teacher explaining and teaching those fundamental skills. Your content will assist teachers and their mission to educate adults of any age, but most likely 16-19 year old students.

Roughly half the videos selected will show how we use speaking and listening skills in our everyday life and the other half of the videos will show how we use math skills when we go through our daily routines. Remember to submit your video soon as we are giving away 2 Early Bird Rewards: ENGLISH EARLY BIRD and a MATHS EARLY BIRD REWARD. In addition to that we also give away 2 MOST FAV Rewards.

If you play it clever, you might see yourself getting 700€ for the production of only one engaging video. Start working on your videos now and be one of the 20 videomakers who will receive the listed rewards. 


TOP 20 Videos will get 175€ each

FAV English Video will get  350€
FAV Maths Video will get  350€

Both Early Bird Rewards will be assigned by Firday July 5th, 2013

English Early Bird will get 175€ (attention: the first video to be submitted AND selected)
Maths Early Bird will get 175€ (attention: the first video to be submitted AND selected)