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Students ? Spend less, get more!


Launched by SNCF

Developed by Userfarm France SARL

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Open call for videos: Students? Spend less, get more !

Brand: SNCF

Product: Forfait étudiant

About the brand

SNCF, the French railway service has always been by travellers’ side, and is today committed to support them in their extensive need for freedom of movement, flexibility and mobility. To answer students’ need for long and short distance mobility, since 2015 SNCF has offered all-inclusive packages to students: the “forfaits étudiants”.

The packages include train, urban transport, bicycle, car-pool, bus and are accessible in one single step. They are adapted to the customer’s need: however frequently you travel, there is an option for everyone.

These packages are meant to be the most satisfying solution for students: they are great economic plans, useful, really easy to purchase and meet all travel needs!

Call to action

With the forfait étudiant you'll save money and have more services. And since having more for less is everyone’s dream, whatever you purchase… if you are a student, there is no better way to move: you’ll spend less to get more!

Students? Spend less, get more!

Sometimes, maths can be surprising: What if we told you that getting more services means paying less? SNCF is asking you to illustrate this principle by sharing engaging, light-hearted and clever stories. Let us experience this super satisfying and exciting feeling with a surprising video.

Imagine for example:

Two guys are in line to buy a hamburger. When the waitress arrives she cuts the price and says "here is your hamburger, here are the fries, the movie tickets, your personal masseur... The guys look at each other. They can’t believe it's possible!

A guy is buying a skateboard. When it’s time to pay, the shop assistant gives him back half of his money, gives him 2 pairs of jeans, a headphone playing rockabilly music and a hat. He then takes him to the skate park starting a demo with him!

A girl just purchased her new yoga mat on a “special offer”. When she opens the bag she is on top of a mountain, in a yoga outfit, zen music is playing and birds are singing everywhere around. The vendor asks if she is ok and brings her a huge basket of fruit.

Think of a fun and metaphorical idea that could potentially go viral!

Target: 18-25 years old. Millennials and digital natives. They are dynamic, natural-born travellers, whether inside their city or to visit their family and friends across the country… They always keep control over their budget. They are proactive and enjoy simple, smart services. They let life surprise them.

Tone of voice

A Millennial voice: fun, dynamic, exciting, viral, smart, light-hearted, engaging, wowing. The sensation you must feel when watching the video is “it’s really time to move!”


You can explore any genre: film, animation, stop motion: just choose what inspires you more!

Please do not talk about the product “forfait étudiant” itself, as we prefer the metaphorical approach here. The end board will connect your story with the product. P

lease do not talk about travelling, planes, trains or car trips.

Please do not show any brand or logo.

Language: French or no dialogue

Length: up to 45 sec

Video format: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum bitrate 10000 kbps

Maximal size: 2 GB

Cover and end board: Please use the end board you can download from here

Music : Please use tracks from Userfarm’s Music Library, available for every filmmaker, or original and unreleased tracks.


Project launch: June 23rd

Deadline: August 27th

Voting phase: August 30th – September 13th


1st video selected: €5,000

2nd video selected: €3,000

3rd video selected: €2,000