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Sold! Immediately! … with a smile!


Launched by Subito

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

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“Sold! Immediately! … with a smile!”

Subito ( is the Italian leader in buying and selling second-hand and nearly-new items.

Participate in the brand new video contest launched on Userfarm with a video that

  • Engage people to post their first advert on the platform
  • Describe Subito as a premium experience - the smart and contemporary way to buy and sell.

€15,000 euros in total rewards!


“Sold! Immediately! … with a smile!”
CLIENT: Subito

Subito ( is the Italian leader in buying and selling second-hand and nearly-new items. It is a desktop and mobile platform that allows anyone (consumers, professionals, companies) to publish adverts, promote them with different tools…and sell! Anything, anytime, from any part of Italy!
All adverts are categorized based on location and on the category of product. There are 37 categories and you can buy and sell anything!


Do you know why Subito is the top-of-mind brand for buying and selling between individuals? Because, as well as its reliability, Subito shows the highest number of online ads. When looking for something - a smartphone, a vacuum cleaner or even a new house - check on Subito, the smart way to buy and sell.

Your video should
Engage people to post their first advert on the platform
Describe Subito as a premium experience - the smart and contemporary way to buy and sell.


“Sold! Immediately! … with a smile!”

To finance your next trip; to buy the latest smartphone; because a two bedroom flat is no longer big enough; because your child has grown and that bike is now too small.
There are thousands of reasons to sell something, but only one safe, easy and rewarding way to sell: Subito.

Thanks to the user-friendly Subito platform, selling onine becomes a easy, intelligent and stylish experience.

In a few minutes with your smarpthone you can place your advert: you take a picture, insert the advert, receive the requests and then you personally meet the buyer to close the deal.
Show in your video how this way to sell is effective and emotionaly rewarding.

Why selling on Subito makes you feel in a good mood?

You need never get tired of your things; you can buy new stuff without any regrets; you get to know new people in your area with similar interests and needs; you can bring your passions to life.

You can for instance tell the story of that time you sold your old camera to buy a smartphone with a great camera…and a ticket to Barcellona.
Or that time your neighbour showed you how to use Subito to sell your old blender, and buy a new one without spending too much. Then you made strawberry jam for the whole neighborhood…

Showing the full Subito experience is vital, so is to create a video that is engaging and might become viral.  You can also start from the selling experience to tell an emotional, exciting and engaging story: those who sell on Subito always get a deal!

Please end your video with the endboard available here.

Remember that the only claim to be used will be the endboard: “Il n.1 per vendere e comprare”


We prefer to see the placing of the advert through a   smartphone,

it is  mandatory to show the buyer and the seller meeting in person at the end, to close the deal.

Please find a way to show the brand in the first 5 seconds

Your video must look and sound Italian

Do not show other products and brands

Please focus on the below categories
•    Electronics : smartphones, computers, consoles, TVs, cameras
•    Home furniture and home appliances
•    Items for kinds: strollers, beds,
•    Sport  and Hobby: bikes, musical instruments
Please focus on items that everyone might have at home, relevant for all seasons and for the whole target.

You can include, but not as the main focus of your video

•    Automotive: cars, motorbikes, boating
•    “Real Estate”

Please don't show

•    Job and Services offers
•    Animals
•    Clothes
•    Collectibles
•    Items not compliant with Subito rules: food, weapons, tickets etc

Remember that the items you show in your video must  

•    Be attractive and well kept
•    Be in a medium-high price range
•    No niche items
•    Not too linked to a specific season (eg: no ski equipment)

Tone of voice
Sparkling, engaging but also emotional if it is relevant for the story. Subito must be perceived as a cool online service, like Airbnb, Uber and - why not? - Userfarm!

25-44 years old

•    New Adults: engaged in their first important adult experiences: living alone, buying their first car. Always connected and very active socially on and offline.

•    New Parents: couples starting a family, more focused on collective needs. They can't spare too much time and, even if they are in a good financial situation, they need to cope with the needs of a growing family.

Please download endboard and font provided

16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps
Max size: 2GB

Please use only tracks from Userfarm Music library or original and unreleased tracks

Up to 30”

Start: 12/06/ 2017
Deadline:  28/08/2017
Sharing phase: from 07/09 to 14/09

1st: 7,000 Euro
2nd: 3,000 Euro
3rd: 3,000 Euro
4th: 1,000 Euro
5th: 1,000 Euro

Project expired


Here you will be able to get in touch with our community team, ask questions and request information. You can also read and go through previous questions from your fellow videomakers.

Project expired

If you have questions, feel free to contact a Community Manager. Your request will be processed in due course.


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