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They booked with TheFork!


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TheFork, a mobile app to choose and book thousands of restaurants in many European countries, is launching a call for videos on Userfarm.

We are looking for videos which communicate how any dinner can turn into a unique and memorable experience by choosing the right restaurant for the right occasion.

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Deadline: 16/10/2018

Total rewards: 10,000 euros


OPEN CALL: “They booked with TheFork!”



To create videos which communicate in a disruptive manner how TheFork is a useful and practical app to book thousands of restaurants in many European countries. And also to show that TheFork is an essential tool for choosing the right restaurant for any occasion.


Show super-engaging situations of lunch or dinner, emotional or where special and unforgettable things happen. Non-ordinary dinners, non-ordinary experiences: why?

“They booked with TheFork!” 

We start from a simple question: why do we go a restaurants? To celebrate special occasions? To escape? To try something new? To spend time with our friends and family?

Regardless of the reason and the people with us, we don’t always manage to enjoy these important moments. Often, it is because the restaurant was just not right for the occasion.

But in a restaurant it is easy to see who has booked with TheFork by their enthusiasm, their emotion and the unique experience they are enjoying.

Thanks to TheFork you can be sure to have a satisfying experience, from all points of view. TheFork makes it easy for you to find the perfect place for you and for the occasion.

Create a video which shows in a relevant way: how “any” dinner can become memorable and unique if you choose the right restaurant

The convivial moment has to be central and has to give anyone who watches your video the desire to go to a restaurant! How?

For instance:

Showing a dinner with friends after a football match, where everyone talks about he game a restaurant full of football paraphernalia like scarfs and team shirts.

Or a couple who want a relaxing lunch and leave the kids at their grandparents in order to enjoy a seafront restaurant.

Or a business lunch with international clients enjoying fusion cuisine blending many cultures.

Showing the app and the booking experience are welcome, but not mandatory.

Remember: we are looking for emotional videos, not fun or funny videos.


- If it fits your creative approach, you can show the TheFork app in your video, otherwise it can just be in the endboard.

- If you show food, must be tasty and appealing. The same thing for any restaurant you show.


- No fast food, self-service or coffee shops. We are speaking about restaurants with table service.


You can check the visual guidelines in the document available in the download area.

Don’t show smartphone brands and don’t focus on the smartphone.

Avoid any brands.

There must not be any other logos or designs of famous/ known products except those of TheFork.


Fresh, engaging, emotional, creates desire to use the app and go to a restaurant!

NOT humorous.

Think about something which would be engaging on social media.


VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL! 16:9 Full HD, 1920x1080 25fps or 9:16, 1080x1920 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps Max size: 2GB

Music: Please use only tracks available in the Userfarm music library or original, unreleased tracks.

Endboard: The endboard is available to download by clicking here

Duration: from 15 to 30 secs including the endboard


We prefer videos without or with very little dialogue, if there is some dialogue it needs to be in Italian and with subtitles.


Start 06/08/2018

Deadline 16/10/2018

Sharing Phase 23/10/2018 - 06/11/2018

REWARDS - €10,000

1st - €5,000

2nd - €3,000

3rd - €2,000




Project expired


Here you will be able to get in touch with our community team, ask questions and request information. You can also read and go through previous questions from your fellow videomakers.

Project expired

If you have questions, feel free to contact a Community Manager. Your request will be processed in due course.


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