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Huawei - The Unfocused


Launched by Huawei

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

Type of content: Video
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Open Call for video: “The Unfocused”

Client: Huawei

Product: Huawei P9 and its amazing camera


About the product

P9 - the dual-lens smartphone co-engineered with Leica. Leica optical technology meets the world class design of Huawei.

It’s a smartphone that captures images as you remember them.


Create a series of funny videos with a high viral potential, able to engage an audience introducing the subject of focus, that the P9 can allow you to go into the unknown and be in the moment, enjoy the moment…show the moment!

Call to action

“The Unfocused”

Yes, you read it properly; we’re looking for the most unfocused human specimen in the world. We’re talking about those people who lose focus, lack concentration and create the weirdest and funniest situations ever. The subject must be something crazy, dynamic, “millennial”, young or, at least, with a young attitude!

Why? Because if you have the new Huawei P9 smartphone with its amazing camera, you don’t need to be focused anymore. The camera is always perfectly focused. If you can count on the best Smartphone camera ever, you can relax and enjoy being unfocused.

Please don’t show any smartphone in your video, just focus on unfocused people!

Imagine all the possible situations that a person, who is not focused on what he/she does, can create.

The mispelled tattoo, the dad who forgets to pick up his kid from school, the clumsy hippy girl, the wannabe hipster…!

You MUST NOT use dialogues or voice over, just show us the unfocused and their crazy situations, and make us laugh!

Tone of voice

Your content is going to be engaging, hilarious and shared millions of times.

Guidelines branding

Please use the endboard provided.

No dialogue.

No voice over.

No smartphones.

Limitless Fun.


The video content MUST NOT show any brand or branded / easily recognizable product. If present, they must be blurred. You must use a track for the music from the library or an original one, created for your video.

Video Length: 10''/30” including the end board

Technical specs:

Format: mov or .mp4, H.264 FullHD (1920x1080), 25fps, minimum rate 10000kbps

Max size: 2GB


Call launch date: April 21st  2016 at 4pm (CEST)

Call expire date: May 31st  2016 at 4pm (CEST)

REWARD - €10,000

1st: €5,000

2nd : €3,000

3rd : €2,000