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Huawei - The Unfocused


Launched by Huawei

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

Type of content: Video
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Huawei and their new dual-lens smartphone called P9, co-engineered with Leica wants you to create a series of funny short videos (10 to 30 seconds only!) with a high viral potential, able to engage an audience introducing the subject of focus, 

We’re looking for videos showing the most unfocused human specimen in the world. We’re talking about those people who lose focus, lack concentration and create the weirdest and funniest situations ever. Because if you have the new Huawei P9 smartphone with its amazing camera, you don’t need to be focused anymore.

Imagine all the possible situations that a person, who is not focused on what he/she does, can create.

Deadline: May 31st  2016 at 4pm (CEST)

 €10,000 of rewards!

(please click here to download the Српски version of the brief)

(please click here to download the Czech version of the brief)

(please click here to download the Polish version of the brief)