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Microsoft - Windows Phone


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This month saw the release of the new Windows Phone, an exciting and highly acclaimed launch stirring up the Android - Apple battles. Want to help Microsoft make this an even bigger success? Have a look at this clip, here


This is your chance to leave your mark on a top and global brand; they want your ideas! Be the screenwriter, idea generator or storyboard artist and come up with an idea for a video (15- 30sec) that will bring the essence of the new Windows Phone to life. What we are looking for are captivating narratives that also introduce the Windows Phone and its unique and innovative features. Here is how Microsoft have done it with 2 UK celebrities Holly and James.


It’s not the time to pack your gear yet though. All you need to have is an idea, draft it into a document and submit your storyboards, treatments, scripts, slideshows, photos, rushes, notes etc. No matter which format you choose, keep in mind that you only have 10 days’ time to submit your script.


We are very excited about this campaign, so don’t miss this chance of contributing your creativity to a global tech brand and start working on your story now!


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