The Creative Video Crowdsourcing Process Explained - Userfarm
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The Creative Crowdsourcing Process

Your marketing brief becomes dozens, sometimes hundreds of videos. The videos are moderated and fully checked. Everything is taken care of. You simply enjoy the videos, pick the most engaging ones to be amplified and select the best to be rewarded

Point 1

Client input is transformed into a Crowd Brief by the Strategic Team, with a powerful call-to-action and concrete references for the filmmakers to unleash their creativity

Point 2

The video production phase is where our collective creativity starts. Hundreds of creative minds are activated by the Userfarm team. Hundreds of videos are created to explore the brand challenge. All the videos are moderated and checked by Userfarm Network Managers

Point 3

The Social Media Package tests the viral potential of each crowd video with the brand’s fan base. The client, with the help of Userfarm’s creative and strategic analysis, selects the best videos.