Getting Started | Tips and advice about being a freelance videomaker

  • Build up your showreel and portfolio, and make sure you include videos produced for recognised brands and clients.
  • When you enter into a competition for a project, think about your time/resources against the reward amount. Make sure it’s worthwhile.
  • Study different film genres and see what previous entrants have submitted. Standing back and being objective might be hard to do, but it’s a skill that will allow you to develop your story and characters better.
  • Be proud of your videos, share them with your social networks, such as Facebook & Twitter.
  • Create a story board of your video/animation. Iron out all the kinks in your plan before you start filming/creating your video.
  • Another good idea – create your own YouTube or Vimeo channel and showcase your video portfolio (You might have sold your video, but you can still be proud of it).
  • Go to as many events as possible and try and capture something on video or generate new ideas of how you’d represent the occasion in your own view.

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