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Our mission:

To give clients access to the most talented video making crowd in the world.
To give videomakers a place to express their creativity in return for recognition and reward.


  • We will tailor a video solution package our to client’s needs;
  • The Userfarm team will help you plan your brief in the most effective way, to ensure it is engaging and that it connects with the videomaking community;
  • We will guarantee satisfaction as every call is 100% unique to our clients.
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  • We aim to provide Videomakers with the opportunity to work with major global brands;
  • You will always be rewarded for your work on merit. Our clients will choose the videos they like the best and then you will get paid. We are not a video competition or video contest site;
  • Our Community Managers will offer regular advice and as much one to one assistance as possible;
  • Your published videos or animations will be promoted on Userfarm’s social media channels.
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