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Scuola Sentieri Selvaggi

Scuola Sentieri Selvaggi

Sentieri Selvaggi School of Cinema is one of the first private academies in Italy for Filmmaking. Since 1999 provides courses in Screenwriting, Film criticism, Directing, Photography, Acting for film, Documentary, Digital editing, Subtitles and much more.

Our approach to teaching wants students to find themselves completely immersed in their course of study, surrounded by skilled faculty and working with light digital equipment. The project-based curriculum is designed to reflect a real-world environment while encouraging students to explore their own creativity and passions.

With the opportunity to choice between a three-years program, Unicinema, and the two-years School of Cinema or explore a passion through our short-term workshops, Sentieri Selvaggi School of Cinema has a program that is right for you.



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