Vertical Video Production - Userfarm
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Userfarm is the global leader in Vertical Video. Userfarm produced the first global crowdsourcing project for vertical videos - Nespresso Talents.
Not only are vertical videos a way to meet the needs of today's mobile world, but they are also the fastest growing form of video creation.

Want to know more about the 9:16 format? Download our Vertical White Paper!

Moment Capture

for Lamborghini

Lista di nozze

for Findomestic

an ordinary life

for Nespresso

6 Secondi di #GirellaDay_Verticale

for Girella

The Graffiti

for Audi

Tesa- 'Per un pugno di chiodi'

for Tesa

LAVAZZA - Eleganza - [no super] - 1080x1920 + Licenza audio

for Lavazza


for Sunny Delight

One Of Those Days

for Nespresso