Video Contest Results

Nutella – Spread the Christmas joy: online the selected videos!

Hi guys, we are glad to announce the selected videos for Nutella video contest – Spread the Christmas joy! Congratulations to the selected videomakers for your amazing work! Christmas gingerbread tale by LeYa (7,000€) L’albero di Nutella by dieceux (3,000€) Christmas family recipe by Franzo (3,000€) Spread the Christmas joy by davidrountree (2,000€) Christmas morning tale by BradtownStudio (2,000€) Lo spuntino di mezzanotte by zoombaproduction (1,000€) Christmas desserts by LeYa (1,000€) Il regalo di ogni anno by NicknameLostname (1,000€) The sweetest gift by Marco.Napoli (1,000€) Winter Wonderland by IceCreamEntertainment (1,000€) Sorpresa nocturna by guildestern (1,000€) The fireplace by marcosgarper (500€) Nutella Christmas Wishes by ideacatcher (500€) Il segreto di Babbo Natale by RobertoSalvaggi (500€) The Unexpected Gift by FlorentSabatier (500€) PLEASE NOTE: If your video is not selected you can publish it but you must remove the endb

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Nespresso Talents: Usa Popularity Selection, discover the 3 selected filmmakers!

Hi guys, we are really glad to share with you the 3 filmmakers rewarded in the USA Popularity Selection. Well done to: GROWING: YOU HAVE THE POWER TO GROW – ANDREA MARSHALL  JEWELS DEEP WITHIN US – ABISHMRTN FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR – ANDREW RYAN Thanks again for your amazing content and stay tuned for the outcome of the International Popularity Selection: you can vote until the 2nd of May here: Your Userfarm Team

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Call for video Trollbeads – the results are online

Hi guys, we are glad to announce the 5 video selected for Trollbeads video contest – “You are always there for me”: Ora come allora by FrancescaSimone (5.000€) Mamma! by FF2876 (2.000€) La tua immagine nitida by nonillo (1.000€) MAKE A WISH by livia.giordano (1.000€) MAMMA per Sempre by himgy2 (1.000€) Once again thank you all for your amazing contents, Userfarm team

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