Sunny Delight makes your day move! – The results are online!

Dear all,


We are happy to announce you the results for our call for Sunny Delight « Makes your day move ! »

Congratulations and well done again to all participants and thank you for creating some really cool vibes!


1st. Ping Pong by danielevioli

2nd. Perspectives du quotidian by arthurchays

3rd. Surf Sunny Day by MariaLuna


4th to 24th: exequo :


  • Super Hero by seenfilm
  • The Couch-Surfer by mauct
  • Cool Girl by bto86
  • Bottleflipping by mikekomm
  • Sunny Duel by GrayMT
  • Tropiques by faridfilms
  • Skating the Sun by Sabr1na
  • Free Runner by RIP_Prod
  • Driver by mikekomm
  • Nerdskate by JosePrada
  • Sunny Delight Master 2 by nicolasmaillet
  • At the beach by progressomv
  • Sunny Delight n’enseigne pas à faire du skate, mais c’est cool by S3ango
  • Move ! by Angelo.cerisara
  • Sunny Delight – Quel est votre Style? by daskydesign
  • Sunny Delight-Hypnosis
  • Sunny Delight -Juicy Day by Fred.Cavallini
  • The Janitor by IceCreamEntertainment
  • Be Fresh! By venistudio
  • Horror Delight by Cineclope