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resultados convocatorias de video


Dear Userfarmers,   We are really pleased to inform that we have received the final results for our project of Job Today.   The quality and creativity of your works were really impressive and we hope that you had fun with this incredible contest.   Thank you to all the filmmakers to be part of the job-hunting revolution contest video.   Please find below the videos selected for Job Today, congratulations to their videomakers !   The videos selected are:   1 – Job Today by Alcoveproductions 2 – La Ideal by barranco_jesus 3 – Lord Zoob Zoob by Abe.Buckoke

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Made of Happy ! Videos selected announcement !

  Dear Userfarmers,   We are really glad to inform you that we have received the results for our massive project for Made of Happy!   Thank you to all the video makers who have joined and participated in this call, and thank you for all the amazing storytelling ideas and the quality video delivered. We hope that you had fun with this super challenge !   Please find below the videos selected for Made of Happy, congratulations to their creators !   The selected videos are:   1st video selected –Course aux trésors by Ticettac 2nd video selected –Give a smile by AnnaSmir   From 3rd  to 22nd videos selected: Sharing happiness by  Deliris SKATERS by MariaLuna made of happy! by valkfreelancer Far or Near, Happy is Here by Jaymon A Tiger In The House by ivannoel2 La Tradizione – Kinder Made of Happy by  episteme Morning Surprise! by ivannoel2 Un Giorno Speciale by AlexLuccheseDigi Kinder Version 2 by CaninoAnimation HAPPY by MariaLuna Made of

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Dear Userfarmers, congratulations to all those who participated in the Subito Video Contest. We are glad to announce you the 5th selected videos: 1 – “Il primo annuncio non si scorda mai” by Daitona 2 – “Un mezzogiorno di fuoco” by fatalbeat_prod 3 –  “L’invenduto banjo della famiglia Gustavi” by SoulFilmProduction 4 –  “Il compleanno” by mauct 5 – “Cambia vita” by Simonegiusti

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