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I made this video for a contest created by National Geographic, but i didn't win *cries*. the goal of this contest was to create a sort of '80's mania' using a viral video. I decided to put my video here too because I wanted to show it. Actually the video I wanted to make for this contest is still a work in progress. I found out that the video had to be less than 1 minute and a half and I couldn't use any music with copyright, so I decided to make this one...I'm pretty satisfied after all. The music I used is a mashup by Waxaudio, called 'The seas have no name'. If you don't know them check out their website http://www.waxaudio.com.au/ I hope you enjoy my video. If you like it, share it and subscribe! :D :D My contacts Twitter: https://twitter.com/Doc_Charlie Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charlie.the.mark Blog: http://20thcenturycharlie.blogspot.it/ Userfarm: http://www.userfarm.com/it/profile/Doc_Charlie/66888
i love 80s, people have the power, doc_charlie, charlie chaplin, the great dictator, queen, u2, waxaudio

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