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Together more!


Launched by Reale Mutua

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

Type of content: Video
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Born in Torino in 1828, the Insurance company Reale Mutua is the leader of Reale Group Reale Mutua, with its 360° services, has always been focused on people, with the aim of improving their wellbeing.

With the new brand positioning TOGETHER MORE, they want to go further and highlight the strength that comes from togetherness. Being part of Gruppo Reale means belonging to a place where being together creates extra value.

Submit a video where you show, in a creative and unique, way this value. You don’t need to talk about insurance, your story should focus on the value “TOGETHER MORE” in a moving and empathetic way.

Max 45”

end: 04/12/2016

Rewards 10,000 euros