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You have the power to...


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Nespresso Talents 2017: Vertical Short Film Video Contest YOU HAVE THE POWER TO...

Share something today and make a difference in the world. Every story is worth telling, so go tell your own with Nespresso Talents 2017.

Get your film seen by film fans from around the world, including our panel of expert judges from within the industry. The selected filmmakers will be flown to Cannes Film Festival, plus receive cash rewards of up to €6,000 and exclusive mentoring opportunities. More film selected for a total of €33,000 rewards.

Your story can take place in your home, in your neighbourhood, in your classroom... It can feature your friends, family, or complete strangers. It can be a documentary about the real world, or a fictional world of your own creation.

The only rule is that it must be shot in 9:16.

In this mobile world, more and more people are watching vertical video, so challenge yourself with this new format and see what you can create. Every story is worth telling, so go tell your own.