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Choose a different you, every day!


Launched by Braccialini

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Open call for videos: “Choose a different you, every day!” 

Client: Braccialini SPA 

Product: My Gherardini


In 1885 Garibaldo Gherardini founded and opened his first shop in Vigna Nuova street, Florence. For years he has been maintaining his strong artisan expertise and experimental vocation for the leatherwear brand, synonymous of the Italian style. Along the years, creativity and craft ‘savoir faire’ handed down from generation to generation spinning up their leatherwear production in the early 50’s.

After changing the head office, in 1969 Gherardini and its team launched their first women’s leather collection during the Pitti Palace catwalk. A lot of international models as Twiggy, icon of the Swinging London, were ambassador of this campaign.

In the 70’s the brand proposed a real “total look” with foulards and sunglasses. In the meantime, in 1974, creativity research combined with materials and manufacturing innovation came up with the Ghe-Softy material, with the “G” logo printed all over, firstly applied on cotton and then on nylon, in order to guarantee the maximum bag’s lightness. G logo is still today a brand icon.

During the 90’s, when Gherardini family sold the brand out, the production keep on following their traditional artisanal philosophy, that leads Gherardini being ambassador of the italian excellence all over the world. 
From the 2007 the brand is part of Braccialini’s group that reintroduces through the “Archivio/Archive” project the ‘Heritage’, a re-release of the must-have/best products Gherardini.

In the meantime the growth of the accessories’ range was not just for leatherwear, but also umbrellas, scarfs and ties, and the concept of “total look” return being really fashionable and Gherardini affirms its Lifestyle all over the world. 

 - (My Gherardini)

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection gave birth to “My Gherardini” bag, in Softy modular fabric and fully customizable in five moves. Handles, straps, base, main body and pendant: for each component of the bag it’s possible to choose the colour (between 5 proposals) and combine it with the others. 

An adaptable and lively bag, with 3125 possible combinations. My Gherardini is funny, original, unique, customizable, also destined to the seduction of a young audience thanks to the pop range colours able to match with some different outfit. 

The material is the unique “Softy”, soft and strong, icon of the brand. 

My Gherardini bag reflects a young, lively and funny style. 


Create some original videos, they must be stories that everyone wants to share, able to represent Gheradini’s values and the main target, young women up to 35 years that love and respect their own personality, a rich, changeable, colorful and especially optimistic and independent personality! It’s not necessary that these women know the Gherardini brand, but with pleasure they can discover it. Even for the women that already know it, My Gherardini is a daily revolution in your look and outifit that enables you to fully express yourself. That is the message the brand wants to convey. 

the selected video might be transmitted on TV, becoming the next official My Gherardini’s campaign! 


“ You are unique, choose who you want to be, every day!” Imagine a boring day, a boring week, an unchanging life, where you follow what other people want us to do.

Stop! Think about the opposite now, and submit a video that shows in an original and surprising way how much is important and rewarding for a young dynamic woman, living her own life, being different and break the boring fashion’ schemes, showing out her personal creativity in her each decision.

We are looking for those kind of women that don’t want to be mainstream and that recognize their personal uniqueness as a big value. We are interested in no-conventional and brilliant situations capable to give them total self expression.

We are not looking for a defined style or personal look, we would rather prefer you to bring through your creativity all the positive energy and the color’s lightness, that are strengths of My Gherardini’s uniqueness.

Every woman wears with her personality the world’s colours, they match up her style and humor, able to run with a full but cheerful life, funny but smart, simply unique!

For example think about a girl speaking with a friend about her imaginary boyfriend: the perfect mash-up among her exes, taking out their best part (Manuele’s face, Giacomo’ humor and Daniele’s body) for each different occasion (the taste and the romanticism of Fabio when we go out for dinner).

Or imagine, in an iconic and artistic way, a rock girl throwing paint on a big white canvas. Due to the composition, she then gets inspired and choose how to compose her “My Gherardini” and the perfect outfit! It is the expression of a woman that manages her life, not simply a “follower” and that’s why she’s able to express her several identities!

It’s important to link these creative and metaphoric approaches with My Gherardini’s bag. Please remember to end your video with the final packshot attached. 

Video’s Lenght: max 30 seconds and it must ends with the graphic and animated packshot attached. 

Remember not to show any other clothes, accessories or objects linked with other brands. 
Do not represent the product as a playful object, this is super glam and women are proud to wear them in every occasion. 

Happiness, optimism, style and femininity.


Italian or English, if is English please put Italian subtitles. 

Young women (under 35). They don’t know the brand, they live in big cities but also in the countryside with active, full and rewarding daylife. 
Do not leave out who knows Gherardini from parents and family. No matter the age, it’s important that the protagonist of your video is positive, optimist and owner of her life. 

The video must not contain brand or products different from Gherardini and Braccialini. They should be blurred or the video can’t be approved. You also need to use original, unreleased tracks or the ones from our Music Library. 

Video lenght: 15 - 30 seconds max. 
Video Format: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, file .mov or .mp4, H.264 FullHD (1920x1080), 25fps, minimum rate 10000kbps - please avoid to use APPLE PRO RES codec 
Max size: 2GB 

Start: 08/02/2016 
Deadline: 28/03/2016 

Start voting: 29/03/2016  h. 14.00 (CET)

End voting 10/04/2016

Total rewards: 8.000 EU 
1° video selected: 4.000 EU 
2° video selected: 2.000 EU 
3°, 4° videos selected: 1.000 EU