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Choose a different you, every day!


Launched by Braccialini

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

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“Choose a different you, every day!” 

Imagine how important it is for a young and dynamic woman to distinguish herself from the crowd, to get ouf of everyday routine and to give voice to her personal inspiration in every choice she takes. 

My Gherardini is a funny, original and never-the-same purse that every woman could personalize according to her own tastes. This accessory aims to be a must-have for all the women that love and respect their personality!

Shoot a video and get on board
 by representing those women who give a high value to their uniqueness, women who desire to step out of homologation. For instance you could imagine brilliant, typical and non conventional situations into which people are able to fully express their personality - total rewards: 8.000 Euros.

Deadline: 28th March 2016