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Inspired by passion


Launched by Brosway

Developed by Userfarm Italia S.r.l.

Type of content: Video
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To amplify, with unexpected and outside-the-box but still relevant, videos, the message promoted by Brosway’s new “Love Odyssey” campaign and their new positioning: “Inspired by passion”


“Inspired by passion”

Whatever season of life you are living right now, there’s a principle you must follow, if you want to live life at its fullest:

It’s Passion: it often struggles with reason, social conventions, political correctness, but it always leads you to the most rewarding and emotional goals in your life.

The new “Love Odyssey” video by Brosway tells us exactly this, by showing a young couple’s story. They live a contemporary Love Odyssey, ending up with what looks like an outside-the-box choice, inspired by passion.

Create a video that conveys this message. Feel free to release your inner creative passion and instinct.

We are looking for stories of apparently irrational choices, driven by passion. A passion that inspires you and overturns your life. “Inspired by Passion” will be the payoff of your video. Please download it from the additional materials.

We are looking for content able to engage and start a debate.

Here the link to the official campaign (LINK)


Please do not show any recognisable logo or brand. Please do not show any jewellery unless it is Brosway’s.


Contemporary, warm, emotional or even dynamic and contradictory. Engaging.

TECH SPECS: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

Max size: 2GB


Please use only Userfarm Music Library’s tracks or original, unreleased tracks


Length: max 30 secs + endboard

LANGUAGE It’s better if the video also works with no dialogue or voice over like this one for Mother’s Day.

If you insert any dialogue, please add subtitles.


Start: 25/10/2017 
Deadline: 10/12/2017

Voting & Sharing phase: from 18/12/2017  to 01/01/2018 (11.59 pm CET) on


10,000 Euro

  • €5,000 for the first selected video
  • €2,500 For the second selected video
  • €1,500 For the third selected video
  • €1,000 For the fourth selected video