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'Real food that matters for life's moments' - Campbell's

'Real food that matters for life's moments' - Campbell's

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What's a video match?
It is an executive production pitch:
We have a film outline from the client and we want you to show why we should assign the production to you, and not anyone else.
Please read the subject carefully, then organise your pitch. The pitch should include your treatment idea, your crew, the production plan and all the elements that will convince us to pick your treatment and production.

Complete all the required fields and submit a .zip file with all the details you'll find through the titles of the demo folders. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us at

Campbell´s wants you to submit scripts-ideas-storyboards-proposals to create 3 videos, that will live on Campbell’s owned digital channels (Youtube, Facebook, websites).  The videos will bring food and the Chefs’ stories to life through their creations. 

We want to see how the personality and passions of each Chef guides them in their artistic and professional choices as they create a special recipe for the people close to them. At the same time, we’ll follow how the story of these people changes when they discover and share that food.

We see the Chef making real food and enjoying life's moments, with food and life-story interwoven. 

Campbell’s wants to introduce and showcase Campbell’s Chefs while they create food that connects people and helps them enjoy life’s moments. The videos should tell the audience why Campbell’s Chefs are a resource they can turn to whenever they have a cooking related need.



We accept ideas from all our crowd, but they have to be in English

The 3 selected scripts will be paid $1000 each.

Deadline for Submissions: 30 June 23:59h