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Let's play together


Launched by Ferrero

Developed by Userfarm S.p.A.

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Call for video: "Let’s play together"

Client: Ferrero

Product: Kinder Sorpresa

About the client

Ferrero S.p.A. is an Italian multinational company founded in 1942 by Pietro Ferrero in Alba and it’s specialized in confectionery products.

High quality, craftsmanship, freshness, careful selection of the best raw materials, respect and consideration for customers: these are Ferrero’s "keywords " and values, the ones which made the brand well known and appreciated by millions of consumers around the world.

At the end of the 1960s, mothers were more careful about feeding their children and young people too started to be more and more demanding. It is in this context that the Kinder brand was launched and it found the right balance between these two needs with Kinder Chocolate, the first in a long line of products that stand for quality, variety and creativity.

Contributing to the happy growth of children, offering small treats designed for their needs and building a trusted relationship with their parents: these are the three essential values of Kinder.

About the product

Kinder Surprise matches the taste of Kinder chocolate with a surprise and a little game that is always different, all in a single egg. The combination of these three elements has created a world of fun and entertainment that both helps the children to develop their imagination and reassures their mothers.


Support and develop, with a series of original videos, the concept behind the next campaign of Kinder Surprise: “Let's play together”.

Playtime is indeed a critical part in the development and growth of each child and is even more special when parents are part of it. Joy, imagination and creativity are key elements of fun: we invite you to uncover every possible combination of these elements, through personal stories, authentic and meaningful videos that inspire the viewers.


Have you ever thought about what is a child’s game of choice? The answer is simple and it is only one: to play along with his parents, no matter how, when or with what. It takes so little to turn on fantasy and imagination and make playtime very special.

Every child loves immersing themselves completely in play with mom and dad. It is the long awaited part of the day, where parents enter the imaginative dimension of their children and together they create an extraordinary world: the world of entertainment .

We are looking for stories about this wonderful moment ... and we would like to receive real, authentic, fun but also exciting moments!

Shoot a video in which the playtime experience between parents and children (aged 3 to 8 years approximately) is so strong, inspiring and meaningful, that it engages the viewer and makes him identify with the protagonists, letting the viewer know just how incredibly special is the time he/she spends with his children.

No need for special tricks: it takes very little to ignite the imagination and play together. Just like Kinder Surprise, unique for its ability to ignite the smiles and the imaginations of kids and grown ups!

It is not necessary to place the product in your video, but we expect that its core values, such as simplicity, joy and imagination are reflected in an emotional way in the film.

Feel free to choose your subject and style, but it is mandatory to use a “real” treatment. So avoid actors, pre-prepared scripts, fiction and every other trick that is not related to the actual playtime experience. We are looking for real relationships, sincere emotions, simple but special because they are authentic and spontaneous.

You can, for instance, focus on the moment of play, or, we could hear someone describing that moment. Perhaps you interview a child directly, to capture his/her innocent and imaginative point of view. Or even we could hear about the preparation of the playtime, and find out that maybe there's not a lot to prepare, because it takes very little to ignite the imagination of parents and children and enter the world of fun together.

Find the creative approach you prefer and try to impress us!


- Genres: all the “real” ones, such as documentaries, reality, interview, diaries, candid, etc etc…

- Lenght: from 15’’ to 60’’

- Language: Any language that is the mother tongue language of the protagonists. If it is not Italian, please provide English subtitles.

- End Board (mandatory): please add the End Board available here.


It’s important that in the videos there are no explicit references to brands or products different from Kinder Surprise. These should be blurred or the video cannot be approved.

At the same time please use original unreleased music or  songs from the Music Library selection provided for this project.

Technical Specifications

Format: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, file .mp4 o .mov, codec video h264

Maximum Size: 2GB


Start: 13/07/2015

Deadline: 11/09/2015

Selected filmmakers announcement: 30/09/2015

Total Rewards: 18.000 euros

1° selected video: 4.000 euros

2° selected video: 2.000 euros

From 3° to 8° selected video: 1.000 euros

from 9° to 20° selected video: 500 euros